The Willunga Shoeshine

WCoF Shoeshine sign


On Saturday mornings between 8.30 and about midday, you can find two or three of the Willunga Circle of Friends members at the Willunga Shoeshine. Look for the sign outside "The Green Room" cafe at the bottom of the High Street. Bring a bag of your shoes for polishing or you can borrow a pair of our Loan Shoes while your shoes are polished. Come and have a chat, and go home feeling you are in new shoes!


Willunga Circle of Friends Art Sale & Auction



Our new banner was a wonderful welcome to everyone who attended the Art Sale & Auction on Saturday 11 November 2017.

Over a 100 pieces of art were donated resulting in difficult decisions on which pieces to set prices for and which to auction.

The rooms in Bethany Hall looked beautiful with art of all styles and eras from modern local landscapes to English etchings, still lifes to dog sketches.

It was a lively scene as people arrived and perused the art, glass of wine in hand. Judith Barr was an excellent auctioneer providing information about each of the 40 pieces and encouraging the bidding.

It was good to see people leaving happily with paintings tucked under their arms. Best of all over $1,500 was raised to support refugees and asylum seekers.

Warm thanks to all those involved particularly Judith Barr for being the auctioneer, Carol and Thia for coordinating the auction and keeping track of all the art works, Rosie for designing and arranging the printing of the banner and flyers, Carol and Dennis for donating and serving the wine, the Uniting Church for the use of their church hall, to everyone who helped set up the exhibition and helped out on the day.


She doesn't need words. You can read it in her eyes – the sadness that lies within.

I first met Habur (not her real name) at a community function organised by another caring local group.

I found out she has two young children. She and her husband fled the war in their south Asian country, spent years in a refugee camp and arrived on our shores by boat. Her husband is also in Australia but not living with the family, though they are in regular phone contact.

Habur is shy, reserved even, but has a calming influence on those around her. She loves her English lessons which she attends twice weekly. Fortunately, our group is able to pay for these lessons. We also surprise Habur occasionally by giving her a gift so her children can attend a community event or so the family can enjoy a more appealing Christmas.

When I give her these gifts on behalf of our group, she doesn’t need words to show how she feels. You can read the gratitude in her eyes. More importantly, you can see a hint of happiness. It’s a joy, however fleeting, that she’s aware some people do care for her well-being.

"We’re so lucky in this country, and opening up our arms to people in need will only make us stronger and better " Missy Higgins

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) today (5/7/17) announced the appointment of award winning singer-songwriter Missy Higgins as their newest Ambassador. Missy Higgins said: "We’re so lucky in this country, and opening up our arms to people in need will only make us stronger and better."

For the full story see the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre website.

Community Raises $400,000 in 5 Days!

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) reported that the Government "launched an unprecedented attack [on] around 12,000 people seeking asylum who arrived by sea to Australia between August 2012 and December 2013.

After waiting over four years to be invited to apply for asylum, these people have received letters from the government with as little as 30 days to lodge their refugee application."

Needing to quickly hire lawyers to assist the asylum seekers, ASRC put out an appeal. They reported : "7 March update:  the ASRC are humbled and grateful for the huge response from our community who in five days, have helped us reach our target of $400,000 to fund five human rights lawyers in order to urgently provide legal support to 1150 people seeking asylum to #KeepThemSafe!"

What a wonderful community response!

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